Did you ever wonder why you have aches and Pains ? When playing at the playground and falling off the piece of equipment like a swing we know why we hurt. That Takes COURAGE.

Our pain from playing 3 softball games in 1 day may give you some discomfort and pain. We do it anyway when we love the game.

Golfing  36 holes of golf on an extremely hot day is a choice we’ve made and felt tired and weary. We choose to golf anyway in spite of the discomfort as we enjoy the game.

We’ve stayed up late to attend dances and danced the night away knowing we would possibly have a few aches and pains the next day. It’s a good hurt when you know what it’s from and you choose to dance in spite of the storm surrounding your life’s circumstances.dancing

When choosing fun and doing what you love knowing you enjoy life and can over look some of the hurts that go along with life.

Two of our granddaughters love gymnastics. If you’ve had a gymnast in your family you know about the bruises from falls off the beam, bars or vaulting horse.tatum-leapingdelany_kick_boxing Yes one of our granddaughters love kick boxing. Do you think some pain comes before the pleasure of winning your first sparring match. “OH YES.”tatum_dancing

The character development in both these sports are great life lessons of doing the uncomfortable, until it becomes comfortable. Learning anything new is uncomfortable but so rewarding once you get it.

When some people retire they get so fed up with their job, the system and life, they cuddle into a fetal position, sleep often and watch a lot of negative demoralizing T.V.

Many sleep in the day time so they can’t sleep at night so they take a sleeping pill, sleep til noon and are full of aches and pains when they attempt to get up.

We all need to keep moving forward, exercising our bodies, minds and spirit to prevent many aches and pains, “stinkin thinkin” and fears that over come so many, they are afraid to try anything

Then we have others running races at 104 years old, click the link below.


One senior I spoke to years ago expressed the need our bodies have to keep moving. If we don’t use it we will loose it. KEEP MOVING EVERYONE. Not just your thumbs and fingers on the cell phone or computer.

We ride our bikes 2X a day and go to the pool in the afternoon to do water aerobics. We still golf in Florida, but less frequently as we have not joined a golf course yet. When we do join we feel an urge to play enough to make sure we are getting a deal or our money’s worth.

Our body functions need to be active to function properly. One that works poorly when little physical activity occurs is the bowel.

My mother and sister hadn’t had bowel movements for a long time prior to their demises.

Depression often impairs peoples desire to be active, have fun and move the body. All organs like to prove to be the most important. But if your bowel doesn’t move, before long nothing can move. I guess that’s where the saying comes ” He or She is full of  S_ _ _” .

We’re very happy that most of our family members take great care of their bodies physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

The financial and spiritual are also a big part of fitness we will see instilled more with our new educational system.

All parts of the body are important and one works in conjunction with the other. Just like putting a puzzle together and fitting it all together.

Life is like this and we’ll never be perfect as nature takes it’s course. Being aware of our surroundings and what’s happening in our lives that we, don’t have control over, are lessons for us to see how we are going to react. How we react is the key . We will have challenges presented to us as we go through life, treat them as learning lessons to build you up.

We can learn from every lesson when we have a loving mindset. Lessons will be known as blessings in disguise.

Sometimes they hurt and are uncomfortable but this is a sign and awareness of growth and improvement or evolution.

We are evolving into being better humans.


Would you like to evolve to have a BETTER LIFE ?


Our MENTORS are helping us have a better life , YOU CAN TO.


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