We have been married for 53 years now and have 3 married Children and 7 grandchildren.

Dave worked as a Design Draftsman in the ENGINEERING DEPT.of a major Mining Company.
Dave is a musician and plays drums, was with different groups playing Gospel, Country, and Rock music over a span of 30 years and was an Elder at his church for 7 years.IMG_20160604_144113

Pat was and will always be a TEACHER. First in Elementary School , then became a Phys. Ed department head at the secondary school level and teaches “LIFE” skills now.

*We do not make unrealistic promises – individual results will vary. Please read our full Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Pat achieved MILLION DOLLAR ROUND TABLE Status in the Insurance Industry.20161007_164915_001

We achieved RUBY DIRECT level in our first Business Venture AMWAY. We are currently operating a business as REAL ESTATE INVESTORS.
Dave & Pat on holiday near ocean


We have always endeavored to learn and grow to enhance our LIFESTYLE as we are doing with SFM (SIX FIGURE MENTORS) in which we have found what we have been looking for FREEDOM.
Our  MENTORS and Their Team help every step of the way. Along with an awesome community of like minded people who all have our backs and help whenever we need it.

Spend time exploring our site and contact us when you are ready We would Love to hear from you.


  1. fernand habel


    David thanks for the likes and yes i’m interested in your kind of marketing but i just learned about how to use computer not long ago and i’m still not that good i have spent lots of money on advertising through here and didn’t make any money i lost money so i’m going to hafto learn more or have someone do it for me. Maybe you can give me some advice

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