Another Painful Golfing Experience with a Positive Result

We live close to a  golf course and can see  a good portion of the golf course from our deck and from inside our condo. We see a lot of  bizarre behavior from the recreational golfers that frequent the course during July and August the peak vacation months in the summer in the Muskoka’s. This one ended up with a positive result.

We also play the course as members 3 to 4 times a week and with our family and grandchildren when they are here for their vacation. One of the things that our Grandchildren like to do is drive the golf carts.  The rules are you have to have a valid drivers license to be able to drive the carts. I have been guilty of breaking that rule and have let them drive.Golf cart Accident

An experience that happened a few weeks ago has changed my mind about allowing them to drive.

One of the vacationing  golfers was out with his 9 year old son and was letting him drive the golf cart. He was on his own driving the cart when he lost control of the cart went off the cart path and ending up upside down in one of the ponds on the course.(as you can see in the picture)

The 9 year old was pinned under the cart in the water, the father was unable to lift the cart off his son, luckily 3 men were walking by and heard the cry for help and between the 4 of them were able to lift the cart and get the boy out with no injuries occurring . This was Very ,Very lucky that it happened were it did because this pond is close to the main road and a lot of people use it to walk to the main beach and the condo buildings.

If  it had happened at one of the more remote ponds on the course the out come could have been very different and tragic.

It was also lucky that the pond was not too deep in that area of the pond, some of the ponds on the course are very deep and get deep quickly.

This accident that happened on our golf course, we can see the pond from our deck and thinking about what could have happened and of our grand kids that like to drive the carts really opened my eyes to the tragedy that can happen so quickly.

That has really changed my mind and will not allow our grandkids to drive the carts until they have their drivers license.


This has been a real learning experience that could have been tragic. Interested in a positive learning experience?

Our MENTORS are teaching us how we can change our lives for the positive, you can too. It’s your choice.

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