Have you ever been LOST?  That can be in many things . It could be lost in the sense of where you wanted to be  in life at this stage of your journey but you are not there!  It could be that you have been physically lost as in not knowing where you are.  It has happened…

A Rainy Day Delight.

    On Tuesday we had our regular monthly sandwich luncheon and business meeting with the “Lakeside Ladies Golf Members”IMG_20160703_145656

The weather had been threatening rain but the trusty weather man & radar didn’t expect rain until 11 am.

Our Tee off time was 8:30 am but because I was on the social committee I needed to be in the parking lot to receive the sandwiches, desserts, pickles & veggies for the luncheon, from our members who all contribute, at 7:40am.  My partner on the social committee awaited me as I arrived in the drizzling rain.1463312940575

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