Courage Of A Different Kind

When we talk about fear it can be in a lot of different things. Fear for your life , fear of failure , fear of making a mistake, fear of loosing face, we can go on and on about the fears in our lives. It takes COURAGE to face those fears.

I want to tell you about one of those fears that happened to me in October this year and the COURAGE it took to accomplish this amazing adventure.

While visiting our daughter in California they had just purchased a new TESLA a few months before, what an amazing car it is. Our son -in-law had just downloaded a new program that will allow the car to drive itself. That means hands off the steering wheel and the brake and gas pedals.

Our Son-in-law said lets take it out and test it out!

Out we went into the town area that they live in and we soon discovered that the programed car did not recognize any traffic lights and would not stop at the appropriate times. So we decided that was not developed for in town driving yet. That was SCARY in itself.

We headed out to the highway and set the car on self drive mode, my son-in-law took his hands off the steering wheel and the brake and gas pedals, the Tesla has a big computer screen on the dashboard that you can watch , the sensors are all around the car and you could see the other cars all around you , beside you and back and front. The car was set for 75 miles per hour and has a predetermined safety distance between you and the car ahead, when you are getting to close it slows down and when that car in front is not there anymore the car resumes the preset speed. You wonder how it is all possible that this vehicle or any other self driving machine can achieve this with such accuracy as to stay in between the white lines on the road

The scariest part was when you see a curve coming up you wonder will it make the turn ? Well it did and stayed in the center of the white lines on the highway.drive_yourself

Also when your hands are off the steering wheel for a period of time ,about 5 to 8 minutes the screen flashes on and of in front of you and a warning comes up for you to touch the steering wheel, just to make sure you are still awake and in control.

The Future of things to come in the world of artificial intelligence will be much greater that this with driverless cars coming in the near future and many more new robots to do things for us to put things on automatic pilot.

In the upcoming 10 to 15 years robots or artificial intelligence will take over about 50% of the jobs we know of today. We need to get on the band wagon and wake up to what will be happening, we either make to effort to learn all about it and embrace it or get left behind wondering what happened.


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