Do We Need So Many RULES ?

When one person does something stupid, do you think we all need to pay the price for the mistakes that someone else makes ?handcuffs

When I was a teen- ager ,I had been a playground supervisor for my teen years. Each year we had leadership camp training courses. I loved camping and learning how to be a better leader and playground supervisor.

One year at camp two of camp in training supervisors left camp in the evening to meet their boyfriends at a near by snack shack without permission.  A rule was made that none of us were allowed to go the snack shack day or night.

When one child in a classroom speaks out of turn, the teacher used to keep the whole class for a detention.teach Who suffered most was the teacher who stays an extra half hour or so with a group of students who want to be elsewhere.

Rules are made because a few people react in an unfavorable manner. Without the rule , nature will take care of most situations if we just “LET IT BE” as the Beatles sang ! Wishful words of wisdom “LET IT BE”.

Nature is perfect as is, so why do WE the human race keep destroying it. Our rules by governments are getting ridiculous.

You cannot collect rain water in some states as it belongs to the state. Rain water is the best for watering our plants or washing our hair as it has no additives and is soft water.

Planting a garden is against the law in some places as we may be using seeds that haven’t been approved. The best seeds are the natural seeds without any chemicals.

Farmers and gardeners only had their own seeds to re-seed their gardens .

When each person takes responsibility for their own life and does the right thing to the best of their ability, we could live with fewer rules.

See how you can take responsibility for your own life and live the life of your dreams

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