When we were young we had  DREAMS and expectations. We imagine things, we keep thinking about what we want to be, what we want to do, what makes us proud and happy and what will we become.

When we grew up things changed, we get caught up in life, take a job that comes along which really wasn’t what we wanted to do. We accept that because some of us get married and start a family so we need a steady job to produce enough income to pay the bills.

We put our dreams and visions of what we really would like to do out there somewhere, we think of them sometimes but think that’s not going to happen, so some of us quit dreaming at least for awhile.

Then we see the car of our dreams go by, or we drive by the house that we dreamed of having and it starts over again except at this point we tell ourselves who are we kidding, who do we think we are to have those things.  Our inner voice that we all have keeps putting us down, thinking of things you tried and failed at.

Then age starts to creep up on you , and you get the news that the company you work for is downsizing and you will no longer be needed in the same capacity or not needed at all by that company. Your Dreams are dashed again thinking you will never get there.

The gap between your dreams and your current situation gets wider and it can become very depressing everyday that passes that you haven’t achieved those dreams.

What tends to happen is that you become so obsessed with the future that the present moment loses its significance…. and the reality is that the present moment is all we have.

There is a better way…..

Instead of focusing on the big dreams and have a vision so big that it scares you, that so many people talk about.

Focus on FREEDOM

What if you could replace the income you make from your day job using just your laptop and an internet connection?

It’s not about making millions but just earning an extra 5 to 10K per month.

That is a lot more realistic don’t you think ?

Having the goal of freedom first …. big dream second will help in two ways. First… it will give you more motivation  because you are now a lot closer to your goals.  Second…  Achieving freedom first will help you create the mindset that you need to reach those bigger picture goals.

Having dreams and goals are important, but we need to be more realistic and reasonable about your goals (for now).

Once you achieve freedom, by replacing the income from your day job you can be free to pursue those other goals and dreams in your life on your own time . How great would that feel ?

Freedom first …. Big vision second.


If you are interested in achieving that FREEDOM in you life, our MENTORS are showing us how we can achieve that in our lives .  WOULD YOU LIKE THAT IN YOUR LIFE ?


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