Marriage is different things to different people!!

Have you ever wondered if you should get married?

Many people get married with little understanding of marriage other than what they have seen with their parents, friends, relatives or neighbors. To me marriage is a growing, learning experience of becoming who you were meant to be.

I often tell our grandchildren, when they’re looking for a lifetime partner it’s important to find someone humble enough to know they aren’t perfect and never will be – but – they are willing to change to become a better human being. This advice, over the years is really for all of us, as there is always more to learn.

Life is evolving and our willingness to change as evolution occurs is instrumental for a life of happiness.

When computers first came to our downtown office the girls working in the office did all the computer work. I thought it was great as I could tell them what I needed and wanted and they produced it for me. It saved me hours of time.

When my husbands office offered computer courses, he and two others were the only ones to agree to take the course. His willingness to learn earlier in life has helped us tremendously with our new business.

When I ask questions he doesn’t know the answer to he says so and adds “but I can figure it out”. I often hear our eldest grandson use that phrase and I love it.

There is very little in life that two intelligent responsible people can’t figure out.

Many discussions, meetings or sometimes disagreements may take place when there are two peoples brains working and they have different points of view. This is actually very healthy as our creative juices flow and conversations evolve instead of boredom.

Each person has their own two ways of thinking with their light side and dark side. Figuring ourselves out is sufficient for most people.

It is so interesting to see the WHY  people got married. One reason I got married was I was graduating from teachers college and starting to teach children in September.

I knew living in my then home environment wasn’t a happy fulfilling place to be and more than I could deal with and be the excellent teacher as was my desire.

We got married knowing very little about happy marriages.

My friend that I was with last night got married to a professional ball player, because she wanted to attend spring training camp. The reasons people get married are various and very little is known about the many different meanings for the word love.

Agape love we learned when our children attended a Ranch Camp in Ada Michigan. It is an unconditional love for mankind.

We are normal human beings with our ups and downs and no perfection in any area of life, but are willing to continue to become better and encourage others.

The need became clear to me when Dave put our wedding picture on F/B and over 500 people clicked on the like button. I was Amazed.

We need leaders in all countries in so many different ways. When we can love one person unconditionally there is hope to love 2,3,4,5, and more.

When we can get couples to get along and respect each others differences, there is hope for the neighborhood, village, town, city, state etc. expanding to the world.

We have to start somewhere to be the change our world needs to see. Instead of putting up fences and walls and borders we need to learn how to get along and take them down.

Religions fight over their differences and yet they have so many similarities to be thankful for. Brainwashing can occur in any area of our lives.

We become like the books we read and the people we hang out with, choose wisely. Become a better person and you will have a better marriage.

Better in one area of life leads to better in other areas of our lives.

I’m presently working on weight loss and fitness.

What would you like to work on ? Would you like to improve your marriage or prevent problems you have seen in marriages ?

Would you prefer to remain single and improve your own life?

I heard a speaker say,” you aren’t ready to be married until you’ve lived alone”.

Choose Your Life’s Journey, OUR MENTORS are showing us how to change our lives for the better, how about you?



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