As I watched the squirrels playing in the trees today it reminded me of us when we were kids.

We just wanted to have fun and play games.

As soon as we awoke in the morning, we were anxious to go out and play. We needed O  supervision and learned to get along and be kind to one another.

Hop scotch, pee wee, hid and go seek and ball. Playing catch with my brothers toughened me up and helped prepare me for the world people face today.

The boys often said “smarten up” “toughen up” or “brighten up” so I obliged.  Playing Goalie for them was not my favorite thing but it did put me in control and I knew I had a huge responsibility to keep the ball or the puck OUT. We often played ball hockey with a tennis ball which didn’t hurt nearly as much.Road Hockey

Dave reminds me that they used frozen horse buns which were almost as hard  and painful as a real puck.

The horses used to pull the wagons to deliver the milk to our homes when we were young kids and when they had to poop they just let it go. Which made good fertilizer for our gardens in the summer time.

The squirrels I saw today reminded me of Johnny Horton’s song “Whispering Pines”IMG_20160617_183842 (2)

See that squirrel up in the trees ,his mate there on the ground. Hear the barking call of love for the happiness they found. Is my love still my love oh this I’ve got to know, send the message by the wind because I love her so.

When you find a mate LOVE them with all your HEART & SOUL.

You may say we are in our second childhood now , as we play games and enjoy life as carefree CHILDREN.

Are you looking for happiness ? Our MENTOR has shown us a way to achieve true happiness, perhaps you can too.


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