Have you ever seen a rattle snake close up?

It was like I was watching it on T.V. but I was watching the snake out of my friends living room window. The snake had been outside her house since dusk the night before. It couldn’t move as it had eaten a rabbit we think as we watched it’s stomach expand and contract trying to digest it’s dinner.

The police were called in the early A.M. and the officer stood on the street with his hand on his gun looking frightened and inexperienced with this task.

At 9 A.M. the department (animal Control) was called in and  the guy captured the snake with a long stick with a clamp on the end, got the snake behind the head and took it away in a 5 gallon pail to relocate it.

Well I think it came back as described  by the next neighbors. It was 6 or 7 feet long with a rattle about 8″ long.

It arrived up the street and one neighbor shot it and his wife cut the head off and watched as the mouth continued to try to bite.

Another one with the same description was spotted on our street last year. A few days ago the 6 to 7 ft snake was spotted out by our neighbors banana trees. The gal trimming her trees was frightened by the snake as she was dangerously close. She called her husband to come with his gun but the snake took off by the time he arrived to shoot it.

A few years ago a retired marine  gave me his phone number as he would shoot a rattle snake  in a heart beat. A rattle snake had been spotted by his mother’s house. It creped me out.

The young Marine said he could make a belt out of it and snake stew was delicious. It hasn’t appealed to me sufficiently to give it a try.

Are we afraid to be bit by a snake?

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