Seeking The Real TRUTH

A Lady I golfed with the other day was sharing her experience as a teacher of English to foreign students. She explained how many of their ideas were so ingrained it was difficult to change their ideas that they were so sold on.

As we are sold a bill of goods so frequently when we never question anything. As children we are taught to be obedient and kind ,to trust and obey, Follow the rules.

So we follow those for whom we have great respect. Our parents ,teachers, and families have all the right answers for us when we are kids. When we grow up and wake up and start thinking , we become so much more aware of our surrounding’s and influences. We think about what was true and is true and will be true forever.

We start looking for the truth in all things and question most of what in the heck is going on. We all only know what we’ve been taught or experienced.

Life’s experiences are a great teacher . I used to say to our children “learn from other people’s mistakes and you won’t have to go through the pain that comes from some lessons”.

Its wonderful to have people in your life you can trust and are willing to change for the better. Loving those whose ideas and upbringing are different is an opportunity for us to learn as their experiences are different from ours and can produce knowledge welcomed for our own growth. Everone we meet has something to teach us if we’re wise enough to listen.

One year in Costa Rica I had a dinner party for a 16 year olds birthday. The house we rented was well appointed including a 5 burner gas stove. I had purchased fresh shrimp in the morning and was cooking them in garlic butter on top of the stove. The stove stopped working and no gas was coming out. Dave my man of almost 52 years now , was in Canada and not available to be my “Mr. Fix It” as I am accustomed to.Gas_stove_burner

Most of the men put in their 2 cents worth and a neighbor doctor from Canada fixed it. While all this fixing was going on ,our 16 year old birthday boy was pushing buttons and being part of the action. Our birthday boy had brain damage at birth but was born into the right family and very much loved.

He liked me very much and stayed by my side when we were in the same company. He felt my arms and liked being close to me . I was kind of creeped out by the experience but I definitely sensed love.

While our birthday boy was pushing buttons on the stove to help get it to work , the light in the oven came on!! remember all instructions were in Spanish. The light in my head came on , our salt ,pepper, sugar and vitamins were all moisture filled from the humid air in that vicinity of Costa Rica.

The light in the oven was enough heat to keep the oven dry, so I kept my salt, pepper, sugar and vitamins in the oven and they were quite normal for usage. Without our 16 year old birthday boy pushing the oven light button on, my vitamins, salt and pepper and sugar would have been moisture filled clumps.

Being aware, open to ideas, we learn everyone and everything has a purpose in life on earth but we must listen and feel. Love each other unconditionally and without judgement, do something different and brave as it will inspire us to do more.  Learn so we can DO and then TEACH others.

Being wealthy without a means of teaching others how to achieve their dreams can be lonely. Have a purpose and a reason to teach people one person at a time can change the world.

You Can achieve your DREAMS and help change the world, like our Mentors are teaching us.

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