Have you ever wanted to give up ?

Do you feel you are a victim of your  circumstances ?






Sometimes we all have the feeling of wanting to give up or feel like a victim in our own lives. It’s ok it’s common and we get through it with a purpose filled life surrounding ourselves with angels without wings such as our dearest friends.

Who do you trust is often a factor as few people will listen with their hearts.

Suicide is a common cause of death, people want to hush up about it as pride gets in our way and we hide it from the world.

To help others prevent the problem we could speak more openly about the subject as in our adult years we must admit sometime in our own lives we have had suicidal thoughts.

Yesterdays suicide of our friends nephew brought back so many memories of our own nephew’s demise by choice.

Why, oh why, oh why? my mother would say. We can’t really speak for anyone else but we certainly do FEEL for other people.

We can advise , coach and do kind things for others .But we must help others think for themselves and help them develop their own mind set character and self development choices to spur them on to a better life with purpose and passion.

We can all but let life get in our way and drag us down under.

My observation of self destruction in mankind has been money, drugs, alcohol, health lifestyle, relationships, upbringing and beliefs.

So all of us can find enough reasons to check out of this world at times.

We will show you how our MENTORS are the reason we have checked IN on Life instead of checking out.

Will you JOIN US in our life’s purpose ?

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